Villages in Fiji

Planning to spend the summer vacations somewhere exciting? Fiji is the place for you. It is regarded as the epitome of natural beauty with an exotic South Pacific gateway including luxurious private islands, amazing resorts & spas, secluded palm-lined beaches, etc.

The islands & villages in Fiji are a must-visit. However, there are some basic etiquettes & rules you should consider before visiting villages in Fiji & its islands.

This article is written with the sole purpose to educate you regarding the norms & culture of Fijian villages that one should consider.

Visiting a Fijian Village

Visiting a Fijian Village


Villages in Fiji will seem quite backward to you in terms of living standards, but believe it or not, they are some of the happiest people living in this world. They have a concept of self-built houses & they live much closer to nature than most of us. It’s amazing to see that people even having so little are so contented with their lives.

Getting the most out of the villages in Fiji includes participating in their cultural activities, enjoying the amazing food, & seeing the unique Fijian hospitality. It is important to know a few things about Fijian villages & what you should do.

  • Tour Guide for Villages in Fiji

You will probably go to Fiji via a traveling company which will book you with a guide. However, they are guides available when you reach Fiji. The Fiji culture village will greet you & the guide will take you for a tour of the villages.

They will demonstrate the unique traditional Fijian huts & the techniques of them making their own food. You will be shown a lot about their skills in creating traditional tools, pottery, weaving, fire making, & more.

There is unique cooking in Fiji which is called the lovo meal. It consists of cooking food on hot rocks covered in leaves. This is also referred to as the earth oven.

  • Kava Ceremony in Villages in Fiji

Kava Ceremony in Villages in Fiji


Fijian expect you to bring sevusevu, which is referred to as a gift. You get to visit the Fijian villages when you offer your gift to the village residents & especially the chief of the village. Exploring the islands & villages without offering the gift is considered rude & even as trespassing. Your guide will inform you about the importance of sevusevu in villages in Fiji.

Amongst the most famous gift is the kava. There is a proper kava ceremony which occurs when new visitors visit. It is performed to officially recognize your visit to the village. Kava is a traditional Fijian drink that is made of finely ground Yaqona roots. The powder of the roots is mixed with water to form a dull solution. 

During the ceremony, the chief will give a speech & welcome you while your guide will tell you exactly how to present the kava as a sevusevu. The host will say a few kind words of good gesture on your behalf.

You will be offered a bilo (coconut shell) containing the kava. Be sure to accept your first drink & say “bula” before gulping it. You may later accept more bilo if you want to drink more.

  • Some Unwritten Ground Rules to Consider

There are a few basic rules & norms which should be respected to make your visit smooth & amazing. Firstly you should be dressed in such a way that your knees are covered as it is considered respectful. Do not touch anyone’s head as it is considered disrespectful to do so.

It is better to consult the locals before taking photos & be sure to talk softly even amongst your group members as raised voice is interpreted as anger. When sitting on the floor, sit cross-legged. And lastly, do not forget to bring kava or Yaqona root as a gift which we discussed earlier.

Islands in Fiji

Islands in Fiji


We talked about villages in Fiji. However, there are amazing islands available for tourists on the lands of Fiji which are a must-visit. The Mamanuca islands & the Yasawa islands are amongst the most visited tourist attractions islands.

Make sure to have enough cash & consider looking through multiple hotels when booking one for a stay. You will find cheap rates for beds & rooms but don’t let it overwhelm you because in most cases the additional costs apply. Getting an expensive bedroom might be better as it might have included the transport & other recreational activities cost.

A Few Final Words

This is our guide for visiting islands & villages in Fiji. Make sure to follow them to get the most out of your trip. Do leave your queries & suggestions in the comment section below.

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