Instagram Icon Aesthetic: Pick Best Neon Logo/icon For IOS

Instagram is a widely used and loved social media platform that is used by millions of people around the world. This app has been around since 2010 and has been one of the favourite apps of most internet-connected people. 

But people need diversity and change, anything that does not evolve and change with time and according to users needs, are most easily forgotten and replaced. That did not become the case with Instagram. Instagram has accepted the change and offered diversity to its users at a whole new level. 

To keep the platform of Instagram connected with the people and to keep the interest of users in using the app, Instagram has launched many customizable options for its users like Instagram icon aesthetic. This option offered by Instagram lets its users to customized the logo or icon of the app according to their liking ad preferences. 

What is Instagram? 

What is Instagram? 


What is Instagram? Seriously, if you are asking this question, then you have been using the internet wrong your whole life. But, if still want to know in detail, then here it is. 

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing website that allows its users to post their video clips and photo under their profile. This website was first launched in 2010, from where it gained quick popularity. The photo-sharing social network website is owned by another popular name in social media called Facebook. 

The creators of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created this website back in 2010 which was later acquired by Facebook in 2012.

This website was created for the sole purpose of sharing videos and photos. This venture to create a website for sharing visual content resulted in the creation of Instagram.  

How is Instagram Used? 

Instagram works as a website or app that is personalized by the users creating an account on the interface of the app. When a user with an Instagram profile enters the app, they can see the possibilities that the app has to offer. 

Using your profile, you are free to post videos and photos, post on stories and reels. The platform of Instagram is also used to gain popularity and fame.

Most of the celebrities and distinguished social media personalities have a huge fan following on Instagram. They use this app to connect with their fans and share their photos and other clips to enhance their fan following. 

Instagram even offers ways to earn passive income through using the app. Many of the social media personalities earn thousands of dollars from this platform alone. 

Customized Instagram 

Instagram has quickly learned the technique to stay afloat in the huge waves among other social media platforms, that is by giving personalization and customization to its users. One of the reasons users love spending their time on Instagram is the freedom of choice. 

There are multiple options given on Instagram where the user can change some features of Instagram according to their preference. Even the logo and icon of Instagram are customizable and users can choose any Instagram icon aesthetic

Aesthetic covers Instagram highlight icons are very popular among users. Although Instagram itself offers a few options of logos and icons to choose from, but you can also get a design for other websites like Pinterest and CityPNG. Let’s talk about these websites from where you can easily download the Instagram logo in detail. 

Pinterest for Instagram Logo 

Pinterest is a trending website and widely used for downloading pictures and GIFs of all sorts. Pinterest works as a search engine where the results are shown as pictures or graphics. This website is very famous and used for all types of purposes and even used by various businesses. 

Pinterest is a platform where you can easily search for the Instagram logo and icon and download it with just a click. You can get various types of designs of Instagram logo and even aesthetic covers Instagram highlight icon and Instagram icon aesthetic

CityPNG for Instagram Logo 

CityPNG for Instagram Logo 


CityPNG is yet another website where you can download various types of pictures in multiple formats. But as the name of the website goes, CityPNG has a vast range of PNG images. 

You can download yourself a likeable logo for Instagram from this website and replace the original Instagram logo with the one downloaded from this website. 


Instagram is a widely used social media platform which besides giving tremendous service to its users also allows customizing some features of the app.

One of which is the logo or icon of the app. Users can easily select any of the options offered by the Instagram app or download suitable logos for Instagram from other websites to replace the logo of Instagram. 

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