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Top Best Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Designs

Disney lovers are surely fond of the great fairy tale of beauty & the beast. The amazing story was primarily penned down by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, & was published in 1740. The story was later released as an animated film by Disney in 1991 & later as an amazing film featuring Emma Watson in 2017.

The story is of a Prince who is cursed by an old woman & has been transformed into a beast-like person with an ugly appearance & long hair. The only way the curse could be lifted is by a person who loves the beast in his rawest form.

Belle is later introduced as a beautiful princess who is out to find her lost father. She gets trapped by the beast but later is helped by him to find the lost man. The story develops & both falls in love which makes the curse go away & the couple live happily ever after.

People are amazed & inspired by this fairy tale & some enthusiasts go beyond getting inspired by getting beauty and the beast tattoo on their bodies. In this article, we will talk about the best beauty and the beast tattoo designs to choose from.

Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo


This is a classic tattoo design for the beauty and the beast fans. It gives quite an appealing look with its striking color combinations & stained glass appearance. It can be placed anywhere in the body & can be further modified in size & style according to your preference.

Black & White Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Sleeve

This is another type of beauty and the beast rose tattoo as it contains the iconic Belle & Beast in a rose background. This black & white sleeve is the epitome of love which a person can express being a beauty and the beast fan.

The Couple Tattoo

The amazing fairy tale does inspire couples & rejuvenates feelings of love & affection in them. To express those feelings of delight the couple tattoo is their way to-go option. The amazingness of this tattoo lies in the font which is used to write “beauty” & “beast”. The elegance of beauty fits best with the fiery beast design.

Belle Tattoo in Sketchbook Style

Belle Tattoo in Sketchbook Style


This is a standalone statue for girls who like to feel like a princess. It comes with a quote that says “Tale as Old as Time”. This tattoo gives a very natural look due to its sketchbook style & the amazing quote font.

Belle, Chip, & Mrs. Potts Tattoo

One very famous beauty and the beast tattoo is the combination of the three characters. The funny Mrs. Potts & Chips accompanied with Belle with a flowery background gives this tattoo a good appearance. This is another sketchbook-style tattoo done in black & white.

Charming Belle Tattoo

This tattoo consists of both Belle & the Beast looking romantically at each other with Beast holding flowers in his hand. It is a simple black & white design which is best for classic beauty and the beast lovers.

Broken Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

The iconic broken glass with rose tattoo is an amazing depiction of the sad story of the beast & how he was cursed by the wretched old woman. An amazing tattoo with red rose color & delicate lines along the layer of rose petals gives this tattoo a very genuine look.

Storybook Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

This is a colorful statue consisting of a pile of books with a slightly chipped-off mug at the top of the stack. The books are differently colored with a background of leaves giving them an appealing look. This tattoo is concerning a scene in the story.

Lumiere Tattoo

Lumiere Tattoo


Who can forget the amazing Lumiere who is a candelabra in the story? This tattoo is made with the traditional colors of the character with striking gold for the body & flame. The tattoo is the perfect replica for those who want to pay tribute to the classical character.

Cogsworth & Lumiere Tattoo

Amongst the best beauty and the beast tattoo is the representation of the dynamic duo of Cogsworth & Lumiere. Giving the friendly appearance of the duo & the reflection of Lumiere in the front glass of Cogsworth.

A Few Final Words

There are more tattoos relating to the theme of beauty and the best. However, we have listed here only the top & most trendy designs for you. in addition, we recently write an article on island and villages in fiji, hope that you’ll also like that article.

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