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10 Mind-Blowing Instagram Statistics for digital Marketers

When businesses post on Instagram, they want to ensure they have innovative content highlighting their brand message in the most relevant manner. Creating an Instagram icon aesthetic requires tailoring the posts to create a cohesive appearance and feel that is all about leaving a good impression on the viewers.

You can stick to a particular color or use the same filter; an icon aesthetic could be anything that perfectly suits your brand.

Icon aesthetics on Instagram matter because the platform has come up as one of the strongest marketing tools for digital marketers. With monthly 1 billion active users, or more, Instagram is preferred over the other social networking sites because of its 100% visuality.

Yes, you can also post videos and images on Facebook and include the same in your Tweets, but these are just after-thought additions to these channels.

On the other hand, Instagram is wholly built around sharing visual content. The ten mind-blowing Instagram statistics below will further help you understand why digital marketers are more into using this platform for their marketing campaigns.

Instagram Engagement Statistics

Instagram boasts of the highest level of engagement across all the other social media channels, and reports suggest more than 4.2 billion likes are submitted every day. It is also worth noting that people spend most of their time on Instagram. The use of the platform grew by 13.8% from 2019 to 2020, while that of Facebook grew by just 4.3%.

One of the greatest reasons behind the super-high engagement of Instagram is the fact that it is only about visuals. And visuals are more effective in grabbing attention than text. With more and more users spending more time on Instagram, there is an increase in the advertisements they see.

Thus, there are higher chances of the users noticing your business on the platform.

Instagram Stories Statistics

Instagram Stories, equivalent to Snapchat, allows users to share everything they do in slideshow format. But these slideshows disappear after 24 hours.

A fantastic point is that Instagram Stories now boasts 500 million regular users. Noticeably, this is a 100 million increase from the numbers back in 2018.

Instagram User Buying Statistics

More and more customers are buying what they get to see on Instagram. As per studies, 72% of Instagram users buy products after seeing them on the app. Thus, it is quite instrumental in promoting products and services. 

And then there are 70% of the users with higher chances of buying a product they see on Instagram through their mobile phones. Thus, Instagram is a traffic goldmine for brands and businesses. The product tag feature of the app directs users to the page where they can buy the products they see.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Instagram User Statistics

Instagram is widely popular, and 71% of US businesses use the app to gain brand awareness. It is used not only on a wide scale in the United States but also outside the US. Instagram stats itself reported that 88% of its users are outside the US.

This data proves the platform’s popularity and people’s interest in visual content across varied languages.

But despite the majority of the Instagram users being from outside the United States, the country still has the highest number of active Instagram users at 140 million.

Instagram User Age and Gender Statistics

Speaking of user age group, Instagram attracts young adults in a major way. 71% of the active users on this platform are people aged between 18 and 29.

And with 30% of the US men and 39% of US women using the platform, Instagram has a perfectly balanced user gender ratio. The global user gender ratio of Instagram is 51% women and 49% men.

Though the female side scale is higher, you have a higher chance of finding it on the platform regardless of your target demographic.

User-Generated Content Statistics

As a business, it is pretty likely for you to use a mix of user-generated content, i.e., videos and images from the customers, in your business marketing campaigns. The users on Instagram who go through user-generated images have a 4.5% higher chance of converting, increasing to 9.6% if they interact with the post.

And yes, people are not shy about following preferred businesses on the platform. 80% of the users follow a specific business on the app, giving B2B marketers a good scope of highlighting their products and services without spending exorbitantly.

Instagram Influencer Statistics

More and more influencers prefer Instagram for business collaborations. Studies by Zine put down that 80% of the influencers prefer the platform over the other channels for business collaborations.

This means that as a business if you are trying to collaborate with influencers for the marketing of your products and services, you must consider Instagram. But make sure to find influencers who perfectly match the niche you are serving.

Instagram B2B Company Statistics

Instagram has been stereotyped by the B2B marketers as one good tool for the B2C marketers. However, this mindset is changing very fast, and now there are around 33% of the B2B companies are active on Instagram, and this number is rising at a breakneck pace.

With B2B marketing evolving rapidly, it has become crucial for businesses to use Instagram for building relations with prospects, customers, employees, and various other individuals and entities.

Instagram Interaction Statistics

On average, B2B businesses see 22.53 interactions with every 1000 followers per post on Instagram. This is several times higher than the interactions gained on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Engagement with the branded posts on Instagram has increased by 29%, which means businesses are getting more mileage from their posts.

Instagram Content Marketing Statistics

There are about 39.2% of marketers use Instagram for business purposes. The reason is that marketers have found that the platform has a major impact on buyers’ shopping habits.

80% of the users decide whether or not to buy products and services through Instagram. The app is fast changing the shopping procedure of people who are now using Instagram to find out everything new and popular.


Credits for the explosive growth of Instagram go to the profitability, adaptability, and the platform’s general potential to engage users. Starting from introducing influencer promotions to challenging Snapchat with its features, the platform will indeed dominate the industry for social media marketing in the near future.

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