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There is no denying that the Telugu movies industry have been running ahead of the Punjabi and Bollywood film sector for the past few years. That being said, if you too are a fan of Telugu films and wish to watch them conveniently, then we might have something special for you in this article!  

I Booma Com offers free access to the latest and old Telugu films in top-rank qualities. One can easily access, stream, and download Telugu movies from their official website.

Moreover, this application is available for iOS and Android devices and is completely free to download. So, let us enlighten you with additional details of this platform below! 

I Booma Com Movies: Everything that You Need to Know About It! 

i booma com movies

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If Telugu is your native language, you will indeed appreciate the I Booma application. This application gives access to a wide variety of Telugu movies to its users. Moreover, the site possesses a quick and easy-to-use interface.  

While being a Telugu fan, realizing that you can get free access to countless varieties of movies online sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? The best part is that all the content available on this website has been categorized precisely with the year of its release.

Even if you are a fan of watching Hollywood movies, you would surely be glad to comprehend that I Booma Com Movies offers an entirely separate section for English films. 

Free Telugu Movies 

The I Booma application is unquestionably perfect for anyone who admires watching Telugu films in their native language. Moreover, their specially designed movies section contains all the latest and original web series. Even if you are not a Telugu speaker, you can still use this website on your computer or laptop.  

Are you aware of the best part about this website? Let us tell you! I Booma Com Movies does not require its users to undergo any membership or verification process. All the downloaded files are stored on the device’s memory card or internal storage, so there is no need for frequent updating. 

So, why would a Telugu lover not make use of the I Booma Com website? This platform constitutes an excellent choice for those individuals searching for free Telugu streaming movies online.

Moreover, the quality is top-notch, and the website has been designed to be explicitly accessible, particularly for Telugu natives. The website is also free from any unwanted advertisements or pop-ups. These features highlight this website among the other similar Telugu-based websites. 

I Booma Com Movies: An Illegal Torrent-Based Platform 

The I Booma Com website is an illegal torrent-based platform that offers an extensive range of categories and genres for watching the most recent and outdated movies.

Moreover, the web series, TV shows, Tamil movies, and Telugu films that the website has to offer are completely free to stream and download. That being said, do not these features make it one of the best Telugu streaming websites online? 

Although I Booma Com has received several negative reviews due to its illegal operations, it still constitutes one of the best torrent-based streaming platforms. The website is free to use and offers a countless variety of movies from different genres and languages. One can find both Telugu and Tamil-based movies on this platform.  

So, if you are looking to stream top-rank movies on your iOS or Android device, you can download the I Booma Com application free of cost. However, you must have access to Google Play to install such applications.

Once you have downloaded the I Booma application successfully, you can comfortably stream it on your Android or iOS device or even on your PC or MacBook.  

Advantages of Using the I Booma Com Platform 

There are quite a number of remarkable benefits of using the I Booma Com platform. For instance, you can choose and select from a wide range of Telugu and other movies, stream and download them while sitting at the place you desire. The website offers an exciting list of features and comes with a straightforward approach.  

So, one can browse through a never-ending list of Telugu movies or even stream or download them for watching later. In addition, you should note that the I Booma Com platform is frequently updated, so you do not necessarily need to stress about damaging programs, such as computer viruses, for harming your PC.  

Furthermore, the I Booma Com platform also contains a fascinating collection of short pirated movies, TV shows, and other content.

Nevertheless, it is still considered illegal to use I Booma for streaming or downloading content on your device. This is because the content that the website has to offer is pirated, and piracy is banned in most regions of the world.  

Movie Categories Available at the I Booma Com Website 

i booma com movies

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No doubt, the I Booma Com website has an extensive range of films belonging to diverse genres and categories. Moreover, the platform also deals with dubbed versions of specific movies. This strategy has significantly enhanced the diversity of films available on the I Booma Com website.  

So, whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you can choose and watch from the following genres once you download the I Booma Com application: 

  • Comedy 
  • Romance 
  • Thriller 
  • Fantasy 
  • Sci-fi 
  • Mystery 
  • History 
  • Drama  
  • Action 

Apart from these, a wide range of classic Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies are also available on this website. So, what are you waiting for? 

Final Verdict 

The I Booma Com website constitutes one of the best modern torrent-based pirated Telugu websites. However, it is not safe to use as it is illegal and contains pirated content. Still, if you want to use it, you can utilize a VPN to access the application on your preferred device.  

Furthermore, the website is often down for maintenance. If you face any other errors, you may consider contacting the website directly for further assistance. 

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