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Are you a fan of beauty-related websites and products? What do you think about beauty-calculating applications? Have you ever heard about Prettyscale? Let us enlighten you with this modern beauty determining platform in this article! 

Nowadays, many online websites claim to tell about the beauty of a person. With that said, Prettyscale is also one such app that offers its users a scale to measure their beauty. Undoubtedly, the rising trends in the development of such websites have made people more conscious about their looks.  

However, we will be analyzing this in-demand platform, Prettyscale, that claims to provide beauty-related information in this article. Before using this website, one should know about its legitimacy and positive and negative aspects, which is why we will be highlighting all this information here.  

Getting Started with Prettyscale. Com Face 

prettyscale com face


Prettyscale is a well-known website that provides its users with a measuring scale so that they can determine their beauty. With the help of a body test and face test, the website measures every aspect of one’s face before making a decision. Moreover, two types of analysis are available on the platform so that you can choose from any of them. 

Prettyscale. Com face claims to have a highly precise beauty calculator embedded in its computerized systems. This helps the website determine how beautiful or ugly someone’s body type or face type is. However, individuals with low self-esteem or confidence should avoid such practices as they can damage their sentiments.  

This beauty determining website asks users to upload their pictures, which would be kept discreet as per the website’s claims. Nevertheless, if you plan to use this website, you should always be prepared for unexpected results.  

As a side note, you should note that the website is currently based in the United States of America and has been observed to be quite active for the last few years. The website also permits its users to contact them. However, one may need to fill out a form to claim these benefits.  

How Can One Use this Website? 

prettyscale com face


The method for using Prettyscale is straightforward, which is why anyone can easily access and use this website.  

  • First, open the original link to this website from your preferred web browser.  
  • Then, select from the various types of analysis that you wish to undergo, such as the body test or face test.  
  • The website will ask you to inform about your gender and then upload your picture for testing. You can even capture and upload your picture at that instant. 
  • It would be best to start with the alignment process for which the website will facilitate you. Also, remember to read the instructions that can be accessed from below the picture.  
  • You will obtain the result once the alignment process ends.  
  • You will be given a beauty percentage along with a few features once the test ends. This would be your final test result.  

Distinctive Features of Prettyscale 

  • The website offers a virtual beauty calculator for its users.  
  • The website is currently operating in the United States of America.  
  • The beauty services that Prettyscale has to offer are completely free.  
  • The measuring criteria of Prettyscale are computerized and have been embedded virtually.  
  • The website offers clear results at the end of each test, displayed with written highlighted features.  
  • A reliable privacy policy and support option are also available on the official page of this website.  

Positive Aspects of this Website 

  • It has been around nine years since the website’s official launch.  
  • The website offers a precise measuring scale for those dealing with beauty fears.  
  • This platform may boost the self-esteem of individuals significantly.  
  • This USA-based platform is completely free to use.  
  • You can get your relevant queries addressed by contacting the website directly. 
  • Your personal information is not leaked as per the website’s claims.  

Negative Aspects of the Website 

  • Prettyscale has a tiny interference.  
  • The website has not displayed much information about its owners so far.  
  • There are a fixed number of reviews available about this website on the internet.  
  • Some people might get unexpected results from this website. As a result, they may feel degraded or disappointed.  

Public Reviews 

Public reviews play a crucial role in determining the validity of a website. That being said, most people are not satisfied with the measuring scale offered by this beauty determining website. They feel that there is still a margin of improvement in the website’s interference.  


In conclusion, we can say that this beauty-calculating website should be used just for fun, and one should not rely on it entirely. Moreover, it is the inner beauty that matters and not the outer one. Don’t you agree? 

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