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Triangle: A geometrical shape that is important in everyday life

Geometry is without a doubt one of the most ancient and well-known branches of mathematics. Geometry is a widely used branch of mathematics. This branch serves as the foundation for the construction of buildings and bridges. Geometry is taught to students in primary and secondary school.

It is the most important branch for architects and those interested in pursuing a career in drawing. Geometry is concerned with the length, area, and perimeter of various shapes. The area of an equilateral triangle, rectangle, and circle is also discussed in geometry.

This article discusses the various types of triangles and their properties.

First and foremost, let’s talk about triangles. A triangle is a regular geometry-shape with three sides. The sum of the triangle’s three angles equals one-eighty degrees.

In everyday life, we study four different types of triangles. They are as follows:

  •     The equilateral triangle
  •     The isosceles triangle
  •     Right angled Triangle
  •     Scalene Triangle

1) Isosceles triangle: This is a type of triangle with two equal-length sides. This implies that the magnitudes of the two opposing angles will be equal.

2) Scalene triangle: A triangle in which the lengths of all the sides are unequal, that is, they are not the same length. The angles of these triangles cannot be calculated.

3) Right angle triangle: This is one of the most common triangles in mathematics. There is at least one right angle in this triangle.

This triangle is used to solve trigonometry problems.

4) Equilateral triangle: An equilateral triangle has all equal sides and all angles equal to sixty degrees. This triangle is useful in our daily lives.

In this article, we will go over the equilateral triangle in great detail.

By dividing the equilateral into two parts, equi and lateral, which mean equal and sides, respectively, one can quickly grasp the concept of the equilateral triangle. It’s a triangle with all of its sides being equal.

Some of the fundamental properties of equilateral triangles are listed below.

Equilateral triangle angles are congruent and exactly equal to 60 degrees.

It is classified as a regular polygon because it has three sides.

A perpendicular line drawn from any of the vertices to the opposite sides of an equilateral triangle divides the side into equal lengths.

It also divides the angle formed by the vertex into equal halves, each of which is 30 degrees from the point where the perpendicular line is drawn.

The ortho-center and centroid of the equilateral triangle are located at the same point.

The median, which is the point at which the vertex of the triangle meets the middle point of the opposite side, the angle bisector, which is the point at which all the bisectors of the angle meet, and the altitude of a triangle are all the same for all sides of the equilateral triangle.

Let’s go over some of the most important dimensions of an equilateral triangle.

  1. Equilateral triangle perimeter: The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is the sum of the lengths of all three sides. It is easily defined as 3a. The semi-perimeter will thus be 3a/2, and the triangle’s height will be 3a/2.
  1. Triangle area: The area of a triangle is defined as all the regions enclosed by its three sides. It is also known as the space occupied by a triangle in a two-dimensional plane.

In the formula, the area of the equilateral triangle is 3 a2/4. In this case, the letter a represents the length of a side of an equilateral triangle. 

These are some of the fundamental properties of equilateral triangles. If a person becomes stuck while solving a problem and wishes to clarify his doubts, he can conduct a Google search for the cuemath website to sharpen the concepts and remove the phobia of mathematics from his life. The Cuemath website does an excellent job of providing children with the most up-to-date information.

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