Dhgate Airpods Pro Review: Must Read Before Order It?

Do you own Apple Airpods? Would you like to give your Airpods a fresh feel? Then you can come forward and buy a Dhgate Airpods Pro case to have a nice looking for your Airpods. 

Read the complete article to know more about the Airpod case, its specification and price. 

What are Airpods? 

What are Airpods? 

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Airpods are wireless earbuds that use Bluetooth to connect the Airpods to connect to a device. The Airpods are designed by Apple. It was first launched in 2016, along with the latest iPhone model then iPhone 7. 

Airpods are a very popular and useful accessory for people who live on the go. It helps people go completely wireless while using the Airpods to call or listen to music. Airpods has been an innovative addition to the world of technology, which still is evolving adding new features and possibilities with each edition. 

Airpods Replicas 

Like all the other electronics launched in the world of technology, the tremendously famous idea of Apple Airpods was also taken by many other companies.

Some companies launched their own design of Airpods based on the pioneering design of Apple AirPods, while some copied the exact same design from Apple and created replicas of the product. 

Where replicas are considered fraud and illegal attempts to steal the designs, there are some benefits of replicas as well. Firstly, replicas do not cost you much and many people can afford them. Secondly, if are not an iPhone user instead of an android device user, you can get the replica AirPods that will be compatible with your device. 

Dhgate Airpods Pro 

Dhgate Airpods Pro 

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If you get your hands on a pair of Airpods (original or replica) but would like to give it a customized touch, then you can use the Dhgate Airpods Pro case. It comes in many varieties and can give your Airpods case an aesthetic feel.  

Dhgate Airpods Pro is specially designed to take care of your Airpods while they are not being used. Besides providing protection to the device Dhgate Airpods Pro will also charge the Airpods wirelessly. The case even has an LED light to indicate the charging status. 

The design of the Dhgate Airpods Pro case is very compact, attractive and completely portable to ensure easy carrying and transport.

The compactness of the case makes it possible to fit in a small space of your purse or even the pockets of your pants, all while keeping the Airpods inside safe from dirt, water and other damaging components. 

What is Dhgate? 

Dhgate is one of the largest electronic commerce or e-commerce platform that works globally. The website has been around for a long time and has been serving its customers loyally since 2004. Dhgate is mainly popular for dealing with replicas of original products. 

Even if the website deals in replicas, Dhgate is trusted worldwide with a trust score of 99% that is more than most e-commerce websites. The website lacks contact information of any kind but the customer service can be reached online 24/7 through the website.  

Dhgate has a huge range of electronic products from all categories and makes it possible for customers to get high-quality replicas at a lower cost.

Dhgate Airpods Pro 


  • Dhgate Airpods Pro case give your AirPods protection from dirt and water 
  • Besides protection, the case also charges the Airpods wirelessly 
  • Various designs of the case are available on the website 
  • The case gives your Airpods Aesthetic customized feel 
  • The case is very low costing compared to the original casing of Airpods 
  • The Dhgate AirPods Pro case has a compact and attractive design 
  • The case is easy to carry in a purse or in pockets 


  • Dhgate Airpods Pro are not an original design but replicas 
  • To order this product from Dhgate you have to buy a bulk order of a minimum of 100 pieces 
  • Cleaning of the product is very necessary and the corners of the case are very hard to reach 

Dhgate Airpods Pro Review 

Dhgate Airpods Pro Review 

Source: Dhgate.com

There is not much content available on the internet regarding the Dhgate Airpods Pro reviews. But the reviews available for the Dhgate website is very impressive with mostly positive reviews from the customers.  

There are many videos on YouTube about the product review of the products received from Dhgate. And many product unboxing videos are available on YouTube as well. Some of the unboxing and review videos of Dhgate products include Bluetooth devices, Headphones and Airpods. 


Dhgate Airpods Pro is a specially designed Airpod case that is specifically available to buy on the Dhgate website. The product is used to provide protection to the Airpods and keep them safe from water and dirt. 

Although this product is a replica, like most of the products on Dhgate, but it is widely used and ordered from this website in bulk quantities. 


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