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A virtual office is a subscription-based service that substitutes a physical office for online businesses. It has all the amenities of a physical office minus all the liabilities that come with it.

To own a physical office you need to first get a rent lease. The second step will be renovating the building as per the latest office aesthetics. Next comes the procurement of all the office equipment.

Down the line, you will need to hire office administration staff. You will also need a cafeteria and dining area with proper furniture, kitchen, and pantry. You would also need a proper security system installed.

These are the fixed costs you will have to bear; other costs include utility bills and maintenance costs. Now add all of this to the salaries you have to pay to get your total cost of getting a physical office. Phew! That is a lot to handle.

As a new business, this can be too much for you. That is why they say that doing business is not that easy. But, not anymore, now it is pretty easy to start and run a business. How? Well, with services like the virtual office of course.

A virtual office has all the basic requirements of an office. It has a good legal address, office services, equipment, staff, furnished space, cafeterias, and whatnot. What it does not have is a liability.

You don’t have to set up or maintain any of the facilities; you just have to use them. That is right, the virtual office service providers are responsible for everything, you just have to pay a small amount and enjoy the services.

The virtual office services:

The standard virtual office services are as follows. However, some virtual offices offer more than others.

  •     A legal business address of a prestigious business location; this address can be used as your business address on official correspondence and stationery.
  •     Call handling services; all your business calls are answered by professionally trained receptionists. It adds to the credibility and respect of your business and puts you in the league of corporations.
  •     Mail forwarding services; you can get mail at the address and it will be received at the front desk. Urgent and important mail can be scanned and emailed to you as per your instructions. Confidential and private mail can also be handled and forwarded as per your personalized instructions.
  •     A virtual office is a shared office space, meaning that you can pre-schedule the space to use it as needed. You can use facilities like the fax machine, internet, printer, and scanner when you need.
  •     You can also use the conference rooms to host meetings, conferences, and seminars for your business. These rooms come with all the needed facilities like conference calling, as a part of the package.
  •     There are services like the cafeteria and waiting areas that can be used by your employees or your clients during an event.

The reasons for the increased popularity of a virtual office:

If the above-mentioned features are not enough for you, then let’s look at some of the additional perks of using a virtual office. These are the reasons why more and more businesses, especially new and small ones, are more inclined towards using a virtual office.

Make remote working easy:

In the current times, remote working has become part of every business. It is desired by both the business and employees likewise. The reason for the employer is that it cuts down on the utility bills and administrative staff costs, decreasing the overhead. For employees, it saves them the commute time and stress due to traffic. They can focus more on their work and stay connected to their family as well. The study has also shown that remote working has increased the productivity of the employees, as they are more relaxed and happy.

All of us have different body clocks, some of us work best in the morning while others are night owls and can get more done in the wee hours of the night. Remote working lets us work according to our body clocks, increasing our productivity.

A virtual office supports remote working, in every aspect. It is an office for remote working in its truest form. All the services help the collaboration between the employees and employer, supporting them in every possible way.

Easy to use and easy to set up:

Setting up a virtual office is as easy as it gets. You can get the whole procedure done with a few clicks, in a few minutes. All you have to do is, set up an account and subscribe to the service by selecting the package you want, and voila! Your virtual office is up and running.

Using it is also a piece of cake. There are a few things you need to know, a few software you require, and that is all. If you don’t want to use the service, don’t worry, just simply unsubscribe. Yes, it is that simple. There is no document to sign, no bond to break, no legal issue to handle, and no penalty to pay.

Due to the simple nature of the service, it can be used by everyone and anyone. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use a virtual office.

It is super affordable:

There is a nominal monthly fee; you have to pay for the subscription service. This cost is nothing as compared to what physical office costs. You get everything you need for your business workflow under one roof at very affordable rates.

The main target market for this service is home-run businesses, startups, and small businesses. They are already running low on budget and cannot afford expensive services. What they need is value for their money. Virtual offices give them that value. It is a solution that can be easily purchased by such businesses. This is one of the huge reasons why this service is getting popular with every passing day.

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