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Alaska Roll Sushi: What Things to Consider Before Ordering It?

Foodie lovers exist everywhere in this world. Some crave the good old continental food while others enjoy their traditional dishes. One such amazing dish which is the specialty of Japan & China is sushi.

Sushi was invented between the 3rd & 5th centuries. It was originally invented as a way of preserving raw fish in fermented rice & salt. It became an organic food online for almost all Japanese & Chinese people.

There are so many types of sushi, one of the unique & famous sushi types is the Alaska roll sushi. If you visit a Japanese cuisine restaurant, you will surely find Alaska roll on the menu. It is quite tempting for most of us to try new things on the menu. However, reality doesn’t always meet expectations. 

There are multiple things to know about Alaska roll before your order it. Read more about it in this article.

How to Eat Sushi

How to Eat Sushi


Before we move on to know more about Alaska sushi, let’s look a bit at how to eat sushi the proper way.

If you have never ever tried sushi, you might get a bit intimidated sitting in a Japanese restaurant with people around you. You might wonder what I do next. How should I pick my sushi? What should I eat it with?

First of all, there is nothing to worry about as there are no wrong ways of eating sushi. The setup of how sushi is served is different in every restaurant. Secondly, there is no need to get intimidated by what others will say about you.

You are probably not their center of attraction in a restaurant. You are there for enjoying your food rather than impressing others with your eating skills.

As of first, you will be served a plate of sushi rolls, a bottle of soy sauce, & chopsticks. You might eat the rolls using the chopsticks, or your hands, or even a fork. You can dip the roll into the soy sauce along with some wasabi in small pieces. That’s literally all you need to know about eating sushi.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Alaska Rolls

Things to Consider Before Ordering Alaska Rolls


Now let us talk more about the exotic Alaska rolls. What is the first thing which you should consider before ordering one?

Firstly, you shouldn’t expect Alaska rolls to look a certain way as there is no universal presentation of this food. Secondly, all versions of Alaska rolls contain salmon.

The most eaten & served Alaskan roll is a Californian roll which is dressed in salmon on top of it with sushi rice, avocado, dried seaweed, crab, & cucumber.

These are the most traditional Alaska roll, presented in the simplest & purest form. These are also made “inside out”. It means that the rice which is usually inside is rolled outside of the seaweed first.

Similarly, there are different variations to the Californian-style Alaskan roll. One of the common Alaska roll is known as an “inside out roll stuffed with salmon & avocado”. This type is typically packed in panko bread crumbs & then is deep-fried.

Another type of Alaska roll is a more regular maki roll. This roll has rice on the inside rather than outside. The stuffing usually consists of crab, smoked salmon, & avocado. This does sound very tasty, doesn’t it?

Alaska rolls are an easy option to prepare at home & eat out as well. If you are in the mood to make some sushi, Alaskan rolls are your best option. Finding the right salmon is the key to making your Alaskan rolls outshine.

The salmon which you choose for your rolls should be sustainably fished. Coho & Chinook are the best rated for flavor & texture. Additionally, frozen at-sea (FAS) fish is considered a very popular & fresh option for sushi rolls. The 2 things to consider when using FAS are that the fish should have a firm, dense texture, & no strong fishy scent.

The go-to option for Alaska rolls is with salmon & crabs. Don’t spoil the amazingness of these rolls by using imitation crab materials. Instead, opt for pot-caught Alaskan King Crabs which are considered the most flavorful & premium crab species.

The art of eating Alaska rolls is eating them as naturally as possible. To get the best experience, it should be eaten the correct way. Don’t over-dip the Alaska roll into soy sauce & use as little wasabi as possible. Overusing these condiments will drain the basic flavors of the salmon & crab.

A Few Last Words

A Few Last Words


That is all from our side regarding the ecstatic Japanese-style Alaska rolls. Be sure to comment down below your favorite types of cuisines that you enjoy having as your go-to option for a fancy dinner.

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