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Sports and games are loved by everyone and there are certain games that are part of people’s lives and have traditional value to them. One of the popular games that have a traditional and cultural value for the people of the Philippines is Sabong or Cock fighting. 

This game is very popular and famous in the Philippines and has great traditional value among the people. This game is supervised and organized under the orders of PAGCOR which is an organization that controls the gaming industry of the Philippines. 

The game of Sabong is broadcasted live on the various platforms by the WPC like WPC 2027, WPC 2029 and many others.  

What is PAGCOR? 

PAGCOR is an acronym for the term Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation. PAGCOR is an organization that is owned and controlled by the government of the Philippines under the presidential decree of 1869. 

PAGCOR is responsible for the correct implementation of game rules and also licensing the individual in the engaged game or any business. Betting on the businesses and games involved with PAGCOR is legal in the Philippines, otherwise the game is not legal and allowed to be played in the Philippines. 

What is Sabong or Cock Fighting? 

Sabong is a popular traditional game of the Philippines. Though this game is played in the Philippines, it has a fan following from all over the world. People from different countries take the aid of online platforms like WPC 2027 to watch live matches of Sabong. 

Sabong is organized in the Philippines under the supervision of PAGCOR and only licensed derbies and cockpits are allowed to participate in the WPC tournaments and other matches. 

What is WPC 2027?What is WPC 2027?

Source: Wpc2027.live

WPC 2027 is an online platform that is run by the WPC or World Pitmasters Cup. The WPC is the name of a tournament cock fighting games organized by PAGCOR and the government of the Philippines. WPC is responsible for the matches to reach the viewers in a convenient way, hence they offer online broadcasting of live matches from the cockpits and derbies of the Philippines. 

WPC 2027 is one of the many platforms that are registered with the WPC to stream live Sabong matches. These platforms receive traffic not only from the Philippines but from all over the world. WPC 2027, besides broadcasting live cock fighting matches, also allows viewers to bet on their favourite cock and derbies. 

Using this platform, users can win huge cash prizes and this is one of the reasons that keep bringing the viewers back on these platforms. 

How to Register on WPC 2027? 

Registration process on WPC 2027 is not very difficult and anyone can do it easily. To register on the platform of WPC 2027, users must follow these instructions and steps that are given in below:  

  • Open your browser on your mobile phone or computer 
  • Go to the website WPC 2027 live 
  • Click on the Sign Up button 
  • Fill in the required details like your first name, last name, email address etc. 
  • Type in your selected “Username” and “Password” then click on Sign in button 
  • To create a new account, you have to contact the WPC 2027 live team. 
  • Simply click on the “Contact Us” option 
  • If you have any difficulty in performing the mentioned steps, feel free to contact their Customer Service number mentioned on their website 
  • When you contact them, they will guide you and give further information 
  • Once your account is registered, you can enjoy watching Sabong games on WPC 2027 and even win cash prizes through the platform 

How does the WPC 2027 Dashboard work? 

As with all the online platforms, dashboards are designed to facilitate the users with useful information, details and other benefits, all in a single place. Similarly, the WPC 2027 dashboard is also designed to help the user to know all the details and information about the games and winning prizes at a single place. 

When you log in to your account on WPC 2027, the WPC 2027 dashboard will open. Here, on this page you can see that all the details about the match and derbies involved are mentioned. A detailed list of match schedules is also available on WPC 2027 dashboards. 

Using the dashboard, you can also track the amount you have staked at the derbies and how much you can potentially win through this platform. If handled properly, WPC 2027 dashboard can be very beneficial for you to win huge cash prizes. 

WPC 2027 Domain 

The WPC 2027 domain is one of the many platforms that are registered with the WPC to broadcast live Sabong matches. Below are some specific details about this domain: 

  • The domain of WPC 2027 has a global traffic rank at 1.924,486  
  • The website entertains about 340 visitors every day 
  • The estimated page impressions are 100 per day 
  • The domain of WPC 2027 was created on February 3rd, 2021 
  • The domain is around a year old and has been running smoothly since its launch 

Is WPC 2027 Legal or not? 

Cock fighting matches involve many roosters and cocks getting injured and harmed during the fight. This fact makes it an unpleasant game for the animal lovers and many countries are against the continuation of this game. Some countries have also ruled this game illegal and offensive. 

But, the game of Sabong or cock fighting is legal in the Philippines and all the games are organized under the supervision of PAGCOR which is a government-owned organization. The PAGCOR makes sure that all the derbies and cockpits that are willing to play the game are registered and licensed by the government.  


WPC 2027 is an online platform that broadcasts live Sabong matches from the Philippines. WPC 2027 is registered under the WPC (World Pitmasters Cup) and is an official streamer of live Sabong matches. 

The platform, besides offering live broadcasts, also gives the users an opportunity to win cash prizes by staking their money on their favourite cock and derbies. 

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