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The Wonders Of Port Austin

Having trouble planning out that summer vacation you have in store for your family? Well, you’re in luck because we are here to share a wonderful place called Port Austin, a village in Huron county in the state of Michigan. This place is a perfect location for spending your summer as it is known as one of the most spectacular shorelines in the state. If you plan to take your vacation here, make sure to check out cabin vacation rentals in Port Austin, MI, to ensure that you get the best rentals in town. There is so much to explore in this village and experiences you have to achieve. Try this international relocation blog to see the wonders of this land and the welcoming people of this village.

5 of The Best Sights to See in Port Austin

There are several wonders that you can see in Port Austin, and it is quite important for you to at least see one of them if you plan to take a visit here. If you love sightseeing, you will not doubt considering what we have listed for you to check out. This small but lively village will satisfy you with what they have in store for you.

  • Turnip Rock – This natural wonder is one small unique geological formation that you can get close to if you go there via kayaking. It is surrounded by shallow waters, and it is not that far off from the shore, so drowning should not be an issue if you decide to come here with children.
  • Port Austin Reef Light – This lighthouse has been around for at least 144 years, which makes it a pretty old lighthouse with a lot of history to tell. It is located about 2.5 miles due North of Port Austin that sits on a rocky reef, making it a real hazard if you do not watch where you are going. You are able to take a tour of the lighthouse and get around the light if you are intrigued to know just what it is like inside.
  • Port Austin’s Farmers Market – Here, you will get to see the lively side of this village as farmers and buyers will gather here to buy and sell their crops. This community is great as people here are nice and welcoming, even if you are there to do business or to sightsee. There are a lot of items for you to see as this place is larger than you would expect it to be.
  • Family Go-Karts – For those parents who want to see their children enjoy the sport of racing go-karts, we would greatly recommend this place for you as it is suitable to be tried for all ages. Karts that have double seats for their parents to come along for their child’s ride are available, along with karts for those kids ages 3-8 called junior karts. For those people that are 16 & up, Fast karts are available for them if they want to try something more thrilling and exciting.
  • Port Crescent State Park – After a day’s adventure filled with sightseeing, go-karting, and buying souvenirs, taking a visit to their wonderful state park should be one of the wonders in this village you should consider. This place has a wonderful beach, and it has sceneries that would be jaw-dropping once you see them.

These are five of the great wonders of this small village. There is much more to see, but we tried to name some that are suitable for those who want to bond with their families more. You should take to consider this place as it is wonderful to explore and it has a lot of history to tell. This place is worth it to take your whole summer vacation because there is much to do in this village rather than just go camping and race karts.

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