Reasons Your Dog Hates Being Left Alone

Everybody has seen or heard about dogs who act bizarrely when their owners are away. We misunderstand why dogs act in this way when left alone, even though we find these videos to be adorable. You notice a shift in your dog’s behaviour as soon as you start to pack your lunch, put on your jeans, or sling your bag or purse over your shoulder.

It will become upset once it realises you are getting ready to depart. Your dog will feel awful even if leaving him at home is the appropriate course of action because you are going somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. If you want to know why your dog despises being left alone, read this.

Anxiety Over Separation and Loneliness

Your dog will be very upset if left alone, even if you may not realise it. Keep in mind that your dog doesn’t know when or even if you will be returning. Even when you must leave for work or another location, your dog will feel lonely and neglected.

What may take five minutes for you may take your canine friend hours. If you intend to take your dog out, make sure it has something to do beforehand or exhaust it to the point where it simply wants to slumber. If none of these helps, you can try playing some classical music to help with loneliness and separation anxiety.

Not Stimulating          

Your dog will feel as though there is nothing around to excite its brain if it is not engaged in activities that include interacting with other living creatures or learning new things. When you go out, you might meet new people or experience new things, but your canine companion doesn’t have the same opportunities because its surroundings stay the same. Your dog will pout until you return home as a result of this. Make it a point to spend quality time with your dog when you get home so that there is some sort of excitement.


It would be great to have another dog, but not necessarily one. Whether it’s a cat, rabbit, or bird, many people enjoy being among animals. Strangely, dogs frequently form bonds with these artificial “pack members” while they share a home.


If you leave your dog alone, it will quickly become bored and try to grab your attention when you arrive home. You won’t like what your dog will do to amuse itself if you don’t keep it occupied by giving it a chew toy, a ball, or something else to play with.

When it becomes exhausted, it may urinate all over the house, chew on the furniture, or bark nonstop. Make sure your pet has access to all of its goodies and toys if you will be away from home for an extended period so that it will have something to do until you return.

Has to Use the Restroom

Your dog pal may occasionally feel the need to relieve himself in a bathroom. However, because it is within your home and is unable to urinate outside or inside, it is unsure of what to do. As a result, your dog will hold it in until you return, which could be detrimental to its health. Take your canine companion for a stroll if you intend to go out so that it can go potty. By doing this, your dog will not feel the urge to use the restroom while you are away.


Some dogs don’t mind being confined as long as they can see what’s happening in the other parts of the house. If that’s the case, a top-notch dog or baby gate is a fantastic answer to the issue. Even though they won’t have full access to the house for a search and destroy mission, your dog won’t feel abandoned.

When you have a houseful of visitors, it’s also a terrific method to keep the dog off the floor while still making him feel welcome. Before letting your dog out for any length of time, make sure they have learned to respect the gate. So you must have a look at check out for amazing dog safety products online.


As your dog ages, it will become more challenging for it to remain apart from you. Even though it only barks sometimes now, it will get louder as it ages. When it struggles with anxiety and separation concerns, it develops a means of self-expression. When you have an elderly dog in your home, make sure that someone is with it at all times to prevent loneliness.

Knowing why your dog despises being left alone, you can take steps to keep its content. To prevent your dog from feeling uncomfortable or lonely while you are away, you may either hire a dog sitter or put your pet at a daycare facility.

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