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Prepare yourself to Answer these Questions asked by your Divorce Attorney

The first meeting with your divorce lawyer can fraught you emotionally. The first time when you are meeting the attorney you might be nervous, stressed and out of mind, which is natural to govern the situation you are in. A way by which you can be at a little ease when you arrive at the meeting is by knowing what to expect. It is most certain that you will be bombarded with questions by your attorney, and one thing you can do is to get an idea about what kind of question they might be asking you and prepare yourselves with answers. Listed are some questionnaires made by divorce attorney Appleton, along with apprehensive answers that will prepare you.

Question 1: What is the reason behind your divorce?

Answer: There are various reasons behind divorces, lack of intimacy, marital infidelity, abuse, addiction, etc. The reason why you are opting for divorce is very important to determine the trajectory of the case. Give the attorney clear answers regarding what was wrong in the marriage or is the divorce mutual.

Question 2: How is the situation that you are currently living in?

Answer: Your attorney will need to know your current living situation. They will want to know whether you and your partner are living under the same roof. Furthermore, they will need information about any other family members living with you or if you have any children.

Question 3: Whether you and your partner are separated? And for how long?

Answer: If you have been living separately from your spouse won’t affect much in a proceeding. But if you have been holding separate lodging then you must share the information with your lawyer.

Question 4: How many children do you and your spouse have together?

Answer: one of the most serious and contentious issues is discussing child custody. The issues that involve children, especially minor children are very sensitive and stressful, so it is suggested that whatever wishes you have about your child, be candid with the lawyer in expressing them.

Question 5: What are the financial assets you are holding individually and with your spouse?

Answer: Any property that you and your spouse hold jointly has to be divided, you might have to give a share of the property you individually own too. They might also want to see the document of the properties that you have got. 

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