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Mylotusmat Reviews: Read Valid Info Here!

Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is getting very hard nowadays. People are often so busy with their hectic routine that they hardly get time for themselves. But it is very important to take care of your health and body on a daily basis. 

To overcome the ignored requirements of the body and stay active, people mostly tend to make yoga part of their daily routine. Yoga helps them create a balance between their mind and body besides making the body healthier and more active. 

If you like doing yoga, then a yoga mat with some special features would be a perfect fit for you. Mylotusmat is a company that specializes in yoga mat designing. Let’s read Mylotusmat review in this article and get some information about this amazing product. 

What is Mylotusmat? 

What is Mylotusmat? 


Mylotusmat is a company that manufactures yoga mats that are specially designed for pain alleviation while doing yoga. The mat comes in really fresh and cool colours including all the shades of purple and lavender. 

Mylotusmat is designed with some unique pattern that makes it stand out from all the other options of yoga mats in the market. 

This mat is designed with lotus stripes running throughout the mat. The company claims that the lotus stripes are used in this mat for pain alleviation from the joints, shoulder and neck. 

With continuous and regular use of the mat, the users may feel less pain in their joints and the muscles in their shoulder and neck may feel less knotted. The mat is specially designed for elders to use but the convenient size of the mat makes it possible to be used by everyone, including children and teens. 

Specification of Mylotusmat 

There are some particular specifications about Mylotusmat that raise speculation about this product. Although the product seems fine to use, here are some specifications about the website: 

  • The address and contact information of the company is not mentioned on the website 
  • The products are available in multiple shades of a single color 
  • There is no other product except for Mylotusmat on their website 
  • Only an email Id is mentioned on the website which customers can use to contact the company or to pose a query 

Pros and Cons of Mylotusmat 

Here are some pros and cons of the product Mylotusmat: 


  • Mylotusmat is convenient to be used by any age group 
  • The product is very comfortable for short term use 
  • The product comes in beautiful shades of purple providing an aesthetic feel 
  • The mat is covered with lotus stripes 
  • The company claims that the lotus stripes present on the mat are used to alleviate joint pain and reduce tension from shoulder and neck muscles 
  • Mylotusmat is designed with acupressure points that target special parts of the body 
  • The website has been around for quite some time now and is not a new website 
  • The website receives a lot of steady traffic 
  • The website offers customers multiple payment options 
  • The company also has an easy-to-follow return policy 
  • The SSL certificate is valid 


  • The website and the product received a lot of negative reviews 
  • The website is connected with other low rating websites on the same server 
  • There is only one product on the website 
  • No contact information and address of the company is mentioned on the website 
  • The customer claims that the lotus stripes present on the product are very sharp and causes discomfort while using 
  • The product is not designed for long term usage 

Mylotusmat Reviews – Is it legit? 

Mylotusmat Reviews – Is it legit? 


There are not many Mylotusmat reviews available on the internet, the available ones are mixed having both negative and positive Mylotusmat reviews. Although the website is highly scored at the Scam Adviser website with a score of 86 out of 100 which is a good sign about this website. 

Some of the Mylotusmat reviews shared on the internet claim that the mat is useless and causes more discomfort than relief. Some of the reviews say that the lotus stripes on the mat are said to cause unnecessary pain and discomfort to the users within the hour of use. 

Mylotusmat Reviews 

Mylotusmat reviews are mixed as it is solely dependent on the reader whether want to try their luck using this product or not. With so many negative reviews on the internet, it is advised to not use such products that can cause any type of harm to your health. 

There are many other ways you can try to be healthy without using such products as Mylotusmat. The acupressure design of Mylotusmat does not seem to work for many customers, so, it is better to use a normal yoga mat for your yoga sessions. 

I hope this Mylotusmat review article has helped you make up your mind about this product. For more interesting articles you can check our site ““, you must like them

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