Love full form

Love Full Form: What is the Full Form of Love?

Love is life they say. People associate many strong feelings & term them as love. Some say taking care of your mother when she is old is love while traveling 100 miles for your girlfriend to celebrate her birthday is love, or feeding lunch to a poor beggar is love. There are many attributes that people integrate to be as love.

Well, what love really is? What is the love full form? People are getting very curious nowadays regarding the little things which have been part of our lives since forever.

Love is a part of everyone’s life. Whether it is love for your wife, children, for something material, or even for an animal, love exists for everyone. 

In this article, we are going to talk in detail about the full form of love & what are the things associated with it which we don’t know.

What is Love?

What is Love?


As described by many renowned dictionaries, love is one of the most intense feelings of deep affection that an individual experiences.

The intensity of the feeling is limitless. It is also defined as the variety of different feelings, attitudes, & states which a person goes through in interpersonal affection. It is a feeling of pleasure for most people.

The love of parents is considered the truest form of love which is also called unconditional love. The reason for giving the love of parents such high regard is that parents are always for their children regardless of the age they are.

They stand with their children even when the whole world is against them. They motivate their kids when no one glances towards them.

People argue that there is nothing like love at first sight & whatever happens, at first sight, is just an attraction. People justify love by people’s appearance, complexion, & way of talking.

It is said that the only true love is the love of a blind man or woman because he/she loves the other person purely from the heart as he cannot see any physical features about the latter.

Love Full Form

Love Full Form


What is the love full form? Well, there is no defined full form of the word love as the word has its meaning which we discussed above. However, many people make random full forms of the word according to different situations.

One of the most famous full forms of love is Long-lasting Original Valuable Emotions. The other full forms of love which people mostly use are listed below.


  • L: Life’s
  • O: Only
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Emotion


  • L: Long Lasting
  • O: Original
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Emotion


  • L: Lack
  • O: Of
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Education


  • L: Land of Sorrow
  • O: Ocean of Tears
  • V: Valley of Death
  • E: End of Life


  • L: Loss
  • O: Of
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Energy


  • L: Life
  • O: Of
  • V: Very
  • E: Emotional Person

The different States of Love

The ancient Greeks have expressed love using 7 different states in 7 words. The 7 states are defined below.

  • Storage: Natural Affection
  • Eros: Sexual or Erotica
  • Ludus: Flirting
  • Philia: Friendship
  • Agape: Unconditional or Divine Love
  • Philautia: Self Love
  • Pragma: Committed, Married Love

Some Examples of Love in a Sentence

Love has different meanings for different people & emergency situations. From every perspective, love shapes its meaning. A few examples of love are given below.

  • For a person: I love my parents.
  • For food: I love butter chicken.
  • For a device: I love my smartphone
  • For nature: I love mountains.
  • For technology: I love sci-fi movies.

How to Find Out if You Are in Love?

Love is the feeling of caring. If you feel expressions of caring, & affection towards someone, you might be in love. Additionally, you will try to make that person happy & remove their sorrows whenever you can as you truly care about them. Feeling the same as the other person is also attributed to love.

The Epitome of Love

We claim to love the other person, whosoever it may be. But we don’t really mean what we say. The epitome of love is when you make a person happy & care for him/her unconditionally.

Final Words

That’s all about the love full form & the true meaning of love. Leave a comment below describing your derived meaning from love.

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