how to repair rust on a car

How To Repair Rust On A Car (Follow These Easy Steps)

Found a rust spot on your vehicle? It is better to treat the rust spot as soon as possible. If you ever see a rust spot on your car, it is time to act quickly upon it. Because the rust spreads very quickly and if you let it sit a little longer, your car will become beyond minor repairs. 

If you like to do minor repairs on your vehicle yourself, then follow these simple steps to know how to repair rust on a car

How to Repair Rust On A Car? 

How to Repair Rust On A Car? 


Repairing rust on a car is a fairly easy process but it is rather time-consuming, as the steps of applying primer and paint take a lot of time to dry. So, if you are willing to work this one out yourself, then patience is the key.  

In this article, you will get a complete DIY (do it yourself) guide on how to repair rust on a car. Follow the steps mentioned below and your car will thank you for taking care of the problem. 

  • Step1: Sand 

Step1: Sand 


Sanding is the most important step to remove rust from your car. Use 80-grit sandpaper and sand the affected area by hand. Make sure the rusted area is sanded properly so that the layer of primer and paint is easily coated on top of each other. 

If there is a larger area to sand, you can also use an electric sanding wheel which will make the job easier for you. After finishing the sanding, ensure that the surface is smooth and free of any rust particles. Lastly, wash the area with soapy water and proceed to the next step. 

  • Step2: Mask 

After performing the first step successfully, it’s time to mask the area you want to treat. Make sure the affected area is completely dry. Cover the area around the sanded area with masking tape. Covering the area will help you contain the spread of the paint to the specific area. 

Instead of using masking tape, you can also cover the area with some automotive sheet or newspaper, anything will work fine. If you are using spray paint or spray primer, then keep in mind that the air pressure from the spray may blow away the sheet or newspaper. So, ensure proper taping of the sheet. 

  • Step3: Prime 

Step3: Prime 


Select wisely when shopping for a primer for your used car. It is advised to select one that is used to cover bare metals. A self-etching primer is ideal for areas with little rust on the car surface. Spray a fine and even layer of primer on the area and avoid contacting with other surfaces. 

Make sure the primer is completely dry and only then proceed to paint the car. It is recommended to sand the area again after applying the primer. If sanding again, select fine-grit sandpaper this time and remove the dust after sanding with a damp cloth or rag. 

  • Step4: Paint 

The last part of removing rust from your car is the trickiest. For this part, you have to select and buy the paint exactly the same colour as your car otherwise your car will look like an ice-cream truck with different shades.  

Try to find the manufacturer’s paint coat on the body of your car. The code must be imprinted either somewhere in the bonnet or trunk compartment. Once getting hold of the perfect color match, apply the paint to the affected area.  

Make sure that the paint is applied in thin, even coats to avoid any air bubbles, paint dripping or blank spots. It is advised to do all the paint and primer-related work in an open and well-ventilated space. 

How to Prevent Rust In The Future? 

How to Prevent Rust In The Future? 


There are many precautionary measures you can take to prevent rust on a car. Some of the tips to prevent rust on a car are mentioned below: 

  • Clean the car frequently 
  • Wash the salt deposits on the car 
  • Wash, spray and dry the car before prolonged periods of inactivity 
  • Try to treat your car with rust-prevention spray at least twice a year 
  • Regularly wax your car in harsh weather conditions 
  • Don’t leave your car damp and always dry off after washing 


Rusting on a car can immediately give a bad look to your image. You must know that car valuation is important before selling, and if there is rust on your car then the valuation of your car becomes more affective for you. To avoid any embarrassing situations with your car, try to treat the rust spots as soon as you encounter them.

Leaving them for a little longer will only make things worse, so it is better to act immediately and try to remove rust on a car by getting help from this article on how to repair rust on a car

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