MAP pricing on Amazon

Your Guide on Enforcing MAP Pricing on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms. If you wish to enforce MAP pricing for your brand on Amazon, you are at the right place.

With every passing year, lots and lots of brands are using Amazon to sell their product worldwide. Well, if you are into business, we don’t need to make you familiar with the importance of online marketing, because you should already know this. One cannot expect to succeed without letting people from around the world know about your product.

There comes Amazon, a highly trusted and well-reputed platform. There are about 12 million products from around the world that are sold via Amazon. That wide number of products means more competition and tactics for making your way in the minds of customers.

That is where MAP pricing comes to play. These are the types of policies or agreements that bind retailers and brands under a law. The retailers become obliged to sell the product at a minimum price suggested by the brand. MAP Pricing serves effectively in protecting a brand’s price position.

Guide on Enforcing MAP Pricing on Amazon

Considering the reputation of Amazon, it can be a bit challenging for new brands to enforce MAP Pricing for the product. You need not worry because we are going to provide you with a guide that can result in your favor.

Let’s get started.

Registering Your Brand

The first step towards the enforcement of MAP pricing on Amazon is to register your brand. Once your brand gets registered, you would have access to Amazon resources that help in supporting images across all Amazon sellers of your brand and consistent product descriptions, and in protecting trademarks.

It is important to note that Amazon Brand Registry is not really for MAP pricing, it is just that it can help you for your cause.

Identifying Seller Information

Amazon is not the only source for getting access to sellers’ information. You can use Google to search for the seller’s information. This way, you can get a lead to the seller’s true identity. Google might lead to the website genuine, which is a bonus because the website contains nearly all the required information. If not, you get clues from the shipping information.  

Sell Direct-to-Consumer

If nothing seems to work, you may consider selling your product directly to the customer on Amazon. That is the option that mostly works when the third-party seller is violating MAP Pricing on Amazon. In situations like this, the Direct-to-Customer method can bring your brands a lot of benefits.

 This way, you can have complete control over pricing and messages on Amazon. Having no third-party involvement makes you the only source of information regarding your brand.

Communicate Violations

Enforcing MAP Pricing is something that brings benefits to you and not to Amazon. That is why you can directly communicate the violations directly to the Amazon sellers. You can issue the warning, place a hold on distributions, and Revoke authorized seller status.

With this, we come to an end to enforcing MAP Pricing on the Amazon part. The given ways are likely to work out in your favor if you put your best.

MAP Monitoring and Its Value

MAP Monitoring and Its Value

Now that you have become familiar with MAP Pricing and we assume that you would develop one for your brand in the future, we want to make you familiar with MAP monitoring too. MAP monitoring is the process of evaluating or reviewing the prices of online retailers.

Once you have enforced the MAP policy, the next step should be MAP monitoring. You cannot turn a blind eye to this process, because if you do, you would be left far behind in the race of marketing. Brands you conduct MAP monitoring often, are in a better position to protect their margins and positions as compared to those brands who don’t do that.

MAP monitoring makes you familiar with various important facts that can help you plan better. These facts may include where the product is being sold and by whom. With that information in hand, you can identify whether the sellers who are selling your product are authorized or not.

If we were to identify the name that could help you in this regard, it is going to be Channel Precision. It is the team of Amazon experts who built a robust suite of Amazon solutions.


With the provided details, you will be able to enforce MAP Pricing for your brand on Amazon. This way, your business can be a success like never before. Wait no more to implement the strategies that we have stated for the successful enforcement of MAP Pricing. And when talking about Amazon, it can turn out to be both good and bad, depending upon how efficiently you plan your strategies.

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