DSW Hours | Opening and Closing Hours of DSW Stores

Want to know some details about the DSW? Planning to shop from this brand but does not know DSW hours? In this article, you will get a piece of detailed information about this brand and the working DSW hours. If you want to visit the outlet of DSW, ten read the whole article to know about the working DSW hours in a week. 

What is DSW?

What is DSW?

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Designer Brands is an American company that sells and deals in designer and branded shoes and footwear for military and cops. The company Designer Brands have their own personal store chain called DSW or Designer Shoes Warehouse.  

The company is operated through over 500 outlets across the United States and online e-commerce websites as well. Besides offering footwear of different designers and brands, the company also owns private-label brands like Audrey Brooke, Kelly & Katie, Lulu Townsend, and Poppie Jones. 

DSW is a very large chain that is still growing rapidly. The company first started in 1969, with the idea of selling only footwear. But now DSW is involved in selling designer accessories and apparel as well. You can find all varieties of footwear in a DSW outlet ranging from casual to athletic footwear. 

The DSW started more than 50 years ago in Dublin, Ohio and eventually spread its reach throughout the United States. The company currently has a headquarter in Columbus. DSW stores are available in most of the malls for easy reach of customers and other individual outlets are also spread across the country. 

DSW Store Hours 

DSW Store Hours 

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DSW or Designer shoe Warehouse outlets are available in multiple places in all the big cities. DSW store hours are different for most of the locations. Most of the DSW store hours are set according to the mall timings, but other DSW stores follow a common outline of store timings. 

The common DSW hours are listed below:


As you can see mentioned in the schedule above the DSW hours remain consistent almost throughout the week. The store timing is from 10 AM to 9 PM, starting from the start of the week on Monday till the early weekend on Saturday.

The DSW store hour is different only on the last day of the week which is also the weekend on Sunday, on which the store timings start a bit late from 11 AM to 7 PM. 

DSW hours are varied in different locations but the most common DSW store timings are listed above. You can follow this schedule to visit most of the outlets of DSW. 

Find DSW Hours 

If you are still worried about the working hours of DSW stores, then you can follow these 3 simple tools to confirm the DSW hours nearby your location. These tools are: 

  • DSW Store Locator: 

You can use the company’s official website to know about the DSW hour in your location. Visit the website and search for the page of the store locator on the DSW website. Proceed by entering your zip code and city code in the search bar. Don’t forget to select your state. 

Now, you will get some search results according to your keywords and you can see a list of nearby stores in your area. Choose a store close to your radius and see the store timing for that particular store. 

  • Google Maps: 

Taking the help of Google Maps is another option that you can use to find the nearest DSW store. Go to Google Maps are search for the DSW store are you will be hit with a result with the store nearest to your location.

When you select which store you want to visit, you can see that the store timings of DSW are mentioned in Google Maps. Using Google Maps to find about the store may also benefit you by guiding you with the directions to the store.  

  • DSW Mobile App: 

Another option is to use the DSW Mobile app. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store and fill in with your location. The app will show you all the nearby available DSW store and their timings. This app will also tell you the timing for DSW stores for special occasions and holidays. You can even use the app to know DSW hours today.  

The app will show you the list of all the holidays and occasions on which the store is closed and open in separate lists. And another list hinting at the DSW hour for each store.  

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