Dmitriy Salita's Tips

Dmitriy Salita’s Tips on Boxing Promotion for Beginners

There isn’t anything seriously energizing, exciting, and convincing for boxing fans other than an incredible Fight Night.

As a warrior, advertiser, and above all, an aficionado of the game, I feel the fans actually must partake in an evening of boxing. You know it’s a fruitful occasion when individuals are discussing the night that blew their minds.

There are a few stages associated with assembling an effective and engaging evening of boxing.

Photograph: Dmitriy Salita lands a punch against Ronnie Warrior Jr. in their April 13, 2011, battle, which Salita won by consistent choice.


Getting the word out to the boxing and non-boxing media is important. A Boxing flyer and poster are distributed throughout targeted neighborhoods.

We particularly prefer to target rec centers and normal places like eateries and barbershops where boxing fans may hang out.


Scene and Fans

The scene ought to have an incredible enclosing climate and each seat in the field ought to have a decent perspective on the ring.

It is likewise essential to plan the battle someplace that fans can get to. The battle ought to be planned for a city where the warriors are from or where there is an enormous ethnic local area that will uphold the contender.

For instance, as a Jewish warrior, battling in New York is great for me. Fans will emerge for an evening of boxing and wind up attracted to contenders to whom they can relate.

Photograph: Orthodox Jews cheer for Dmitriy Salita during a battle at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City in 2005.

Relational arranger

A certified relational arranger is a significant piece of any show.

In the background, relational arrangers have an enormous assignment of ensuring the contenders are appropriately matched up, contracts are endorsed on schedule, supported by the athletic commission, and that the warriors are at their objective at the perfect opportunity.

A decent intermediary is prepared all of the time for changes in the card, wounds, or a “shift in perspective.” The show should continue.

Photograph: The twelfth round TKO of Wilfredo Vazquez (left) by Jorge Arce was a feature of the undercard of last week’s Pacquiao-Mosley battle in Las Vegas.

Relational arranger

The Matchup

The matchups must be invigorating and serious.

Matchups bring to the table captivating battles and convincing stories. A youthful warrior should be tested and learned as he is scaling the positions.

The fans are an extraordinary wellspring of pride and support in a youthful contender’s movement. Each battle must be an illustration for the youthful warriors to prepare them for the enormous phase of boxing.

Photograph: Up-and-coming Oscar de la Hoya, then, at that point, 20, throws an uppercut at Jeff Mayweather in his fifth ace battle in 1993. Mayweather was not as great a warrior as his sibling Roger or nephew Floyd Jr., both titleholders, however, he was a strong understudy de la Hoya could gain from. De la Hoya won by TKO in the fourth round.


I’ve had a few boxing minutes that I will always remember.

The night that stands apart the most was in 2005 at Hammerstein Ballroom. My companion, the honor-winning melodic craftsman Matisyahu, strolled me into the ring to a live tune for my NABA title battle.

The field had unbelievable energy that evening; the fans had a remarkable evening of boxing and diversion. I actually get makes references from devotees of the extraordinary time they had.

In light of that experience, I attempt to fuse that additional component of out-of-the-container amusement in the shows I advance.

Photograph: Dmitriy Salita hits the dance floor with Hasidic reggae vocalist Matisyahu in the wake of winning his battle against Shawn Gallegos at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on Aug. 25, 2005.

Assembling It All

The following show I am co-advancing is Box NYC with WCMG Events Company on May 19 at Roseland Ballroom in New York. The evening will highlight six sessions and appearances by sports big names like John Starks and Darryl Strawberry.

Box NYC is a genuine return to the incredible evenings of boxing that New York is known for. It will highlight contenders from various ethnic foundations and neighborhoods, Irish, Jewish, Italian, American, and Puerto Rican. All will bring their blend of fans.

The headliner will highlight Golden Gloves champion Mike Ruiz battling for the New York State welterweight title and the co-element will be four-time U.S. Armed force champion and 2008 Olympic Alternate Boyd Melson hoping to keep his undefeated record flawless.

What is one of a kind with regards to the card and the included warriors is that they are battling an incredible battle inside the ring however a shockingly better one external it. Other than battling for the New York state title, Ruiz is additionally battling for mental imbalance mindfulness and is giving a piece of his tote to New York families with kids with a chemical imbalance. Boyd is giving his whole satchel to an association-leading examination on the loss of motion brought about by spine nerve harm.

Boxing is an incredible game with quality individuals who are buckling down not exclusively to make a big deal about themselves yet additionally to work on the local area and the world we live in. This will be in a full presentation at Box NYC.

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