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7 Things You Need To Know Before You Get A New Pillow

A good night’s sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of your mind and body. After a long exhausting day, you need to ensure that you have a sound sleep to recharge your body and keep you refreshed throughout the day.  One necessary requirement for a night of good sleep is suitable pillows to keep you comfortable. 

So many people even get emotionally attached to their pillows. If you are one of those, you may find it extremely hard to get rid of your pillow, even after it has worn out and gives little to no support. This can deteriorate your sleep quality.  Make sure you recognize the following signs and know when to replace your pillows!

  • Visible lumps

One of the critical signs of a shabby pillow is that you will notice some visible bumps on it. Regardless of whether you have a traditional pillow or a foam one, if it has lumps, it cannot provide proper support to your head and neck. Moreover, it will just lead to discomfort during your sleep.

  • Smelly odour

It’s always a good idea to wash your pillow every once in a while. But, even after washing the pillow, if it smells funny, there is a problem. This foul odour could result from the oil build-up in your hair, skin and body, which inevitably seeps into your pillow. This smell can persist over time and linger unconditionally. It’s a sign that you need to replace your pillow!

  • Flat pillow

Are you the kind of person who folds their pillow while sleeping? Well, a lot of people do so. Regardless of how frequently you fold your pillow, if it’s good quality, it will always bounce back to its original state. If it does not, if it remains folded without any external pressure, your pillow has become raggedy. 

  • Causing acne

The oil build-up in your skin and hair, along with dead skin and dirt, causes your pillow to become smelly and can lead to skin breakouts. Sure, you can wash your pillow cover and go on your merry way, but if it does not help your acne situation, it’s time to throw out your old pillow. 

  • Chronic pain

Do you wake up with chronic pain in your shoulder and neck? If the answer to that is yes, you need to get some good massage and consider switching your old pillow for a new one. 

  • Sneezing situation

Dust mites can often make themselves home in your pillow. It can make your nose feel funny and cause worse discomfort and incessant sneezing if you are allergic. As an allergic person, you must get a new pillow every once in a few months. 

  • Bad staining

If you cannot showcase your pillow sans the covers without feeling embarrassed about the yellowing stains, it’s time to go shopping. Pillows are very easy to stain because of drool and other liquid spillages. These stains look gross and can make the inside of the pillow just as terrible. 

Pro tip: never leave your pillow without a pillowcase to prevent possible stains.

Around 40% of Australians are not getting good enough sleep consistently. This situation is fixable if this is partly due to your bamboo mattress pad, pillow or blanket. Get a replacement for your old pillow when it gets flat, smelly and lumpy. Add to it an acne breakout, pain in your body, and a sneeze attack are signs of a bad pillow. Be on the lookout for these indications and ensure to get a new one for a sweeter sleep!

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