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A world-acclaimed cricket tournament called the Indian Premiere League (IPL) is held annually in India. Teams from all around the world are vying for victory in this heavily contested tournament. IPL has the most skilful set of players within a blend of the most powerful eight franchises. So here we are with the most awaited list of the arena – the top best players of IPL ranked based on their performances and rankings all over the league matches. As we have hovered over today’s IPL match live video, it’s evident how much significance it holds in the cricket world and how interesting it has become. 

The statistical technique used to establish these rankings is based on gathered information. Still, it’s critical to ascertain a player’s genuine function before determining which statistics are relevant to that individual. Thus we need to analyze them deliberately. For illustration, we can take the example of a wicketkeeper who has the expertise only in this field and have only a handful of scores named to him when it comes to batting; in this situation, he must not be judged over his batting skills since it’s not his forte still he is making an enormous contribution to the winnings of the game. Watch today ipl match live video to know more about these ipl players.

A player is ranked by keeping in mind the following factors:-

  • Player’s role on the field (batting, bowling or wicket keeping)
  • His all previous performances rates
  • Points allocation
  • Taking average(strike average, stump average)
  • Adjusted points every innings
  • Number of wins and loses

Let’s take a look at the finest players of the league on the basis of the above factors:-

  • Chris Gayle:-

He is in the reputed teams Royal Challengers Bangalore as well as in Kolkata Knight Riders. Chris Gayle no doubt deserves to be the top contributor for the IPL matches. Chris Gayle was chosen as the very ambassador for Twenty-20 cricket since he had hit the first hundred in that format. He has acquired many records such as most runs, greatest sixes and fours, highest hundreds, etc. In total 103 matches, he has made 7,000 runs and almost 15 fast hundreds. In a test match, he became the first player to hit the first ball for sixes. After completing his West Indies debut at 20 years of age in 2000, Gayle went on to succeed Ramnaresh Sarwan as captain of the team. Although Gayle quickly transitioned from never having been an opening batsman to becoming one because of well-timed performances and a strong record, questions about his technique against seam and bounce have persisted.

If you look at Gayle’s record, it’s pretty astonishing and indeed not easy to achieve. He has gained immense respect and fame for his brilliant performances. A breakthrough point for him came when over time, his reflexes and actions slowed down, and he started getting trapped in injuries or diseases, his persistence in the game started fading, and he reached a stage in 2017 when he had to be dropped from the team.

  • Shaun Marsh:-

His team being, Kings XI Punjab, has undoubtedly become a mighty one with his ultimate contribution. Being an Australian player, what could be more expected from him?

Since the year 2008, he has been the team’s first choice. In all 50 cricket matches has come across 1903 runs. His strike rate has been 44.24 in all. His most significant victory and astounding performance were when he played against Rajasthan Royale, making 115 runs out of 69 balls. He truly made his most outstanding achievement after gaining the most runs in IPL 2008 tournament, and he has rewarded an orange cap for it as a token of appreciation.

  • Sunil Narine:-

Again Kolkata Knight Riders are outshining with one more best player of it in the top list of IPL. His full name is Sunil Philip Narine. Sunil Narine made his IPL start in 2012 for Kolkata and has since developed into a T20 cricket tweaker who is nearly unstoppable. He has taken over 31 innings. Bringing over 46 wickets within only 31 matches of IPL, he was no doubt a charismatic player who knew how to beat off his opponents gracefully. He was also honored by the “Emerging Cricketer of the Year Award”.

 He scored three goals over Kings XI Punjab in the IPL match of 2013. Along with IPL, he has made his name in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) by being the first bowler in T20 cricket’s first super over to Nicolas Pooran.

  • James Faulkner:-

James has been in IPL for various teams such as Rajasthan Royals, Pune Warriors and Kings XI Punjab. He is an Australia left-arm bowler who has just made 19 times into the IPL matches, still made a breakthrough by stumping down a total of 32 wickets. His MVP award also gets claimed in an IPL match; since then he has developed immense passion and interest in IPL format other than the rest types. Yusuf Pathan and Sunil Narine set the Indian Premier League record for the league’s quickest half-century.

His startling strike rate has been 13.6 up till now.

  • Matthew Hayden:-

It’s impossible to set a list of top players without mentioning the star of the team “Chennai Super Kings,” i.e., Though IPL arrived in the last of his cricket career, nevertheless, he made quite a contribution by making 1107 runs smoothly in just 32 innings.

He is potent, dedicated, charming and filled with concentration and perseverance. He has also played well in bowling, not only just in batting. In the 2008-2009 session, after the disappointing matches and the Sydney test, he retired, breaking millions of hearts.

His strike rate has been 137.5

So these were the top famous players who had played incredibly in IPL matches, making it an exhilarating success over the years. It has been nearly 14 years since IPL has started in India, and today it has millions of audiences watching it. All this was made possible by these kinds of players who have dedicated their utmost attention to these games and directed it to such a successful league.

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