Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Info Digital Space is a virtually designed digital media platform that aims to bring the latest technology and business-related trends directly to evolving entrepreneurs, business holders, IT professionalists, and shining students.  

About Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Info Digital Space, we make sure to keep your privacy concerns our top-most priority. Our Privacy Policy is devised in such a way to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) wholly. All the information our system receives from our online visitors is summarized and treated with a well-protected safety protocol system to safeguard our viewer’s interests.  

The main agenda behind collecting data from our viewers is to enhance their experience on our platform and further improve our digital services. Nevertheless, this data collection process is primarily accomplished by offering tailored content with relevant search results and advertisements.  

Our well-organized and dedicated team works hard to ensure the safety and data protection of our frequent audience and loyal viewers. That is how we offer a 100% guarantee on restricting unauthorized access from a third party.  

Whatsoever, our Privacy Policy is not applicable to services or products offered by other digital websites or virtual companies, including the ones that you might observe on this platform.   

Data Collection Protocols 

The main purpose behind tracing site traffic and RSS data is to classify the effectiveness of our content. Our information is principally utilized in content management, website administration, marketing analysis, and business evaluation. All these efforts are made to offer top-rank services to our users.  

Our data collection procedures comprise details regarding visitors’ browser particulars, IP addresses, operating systems, internet service providers, device details, pages viewed, advertisements audited, date and time of visit, and so on.  

The data collected from the visitor’s device may be utilized for several purposes, including website customization, administrative needs, customer service requirements, and overall service improvement.  

Users are enlightened that the remarks left in our website’s comment section or community forums are publicly approachable as they fall under the public domain. With the consent of our viewers, Info Digital Space may share non-personally identifiable data with its advertisers and business partners anonymously.  

Third Parties 

Info Digital Space may periodically work with sponsors and advertisers who wish to contact our viewers for third-party collaborations. In that case, utilization of our viewer information would depend on that third party’s policies.  

Our website uses several administrative, technical, and physical procedures to preserve our reader’s data. However, third-party advertisers may feature sponsored content and banners to collect information from users. In that case, any information that users give to third parties (with their consent) would be governed by their own privacy schemes.  


Like most websites, Info Digital Space engages cookies and thus, collects clickstream, log file, and browser data. The primary purpose of establishing this high-standard protocol system is to analyze visitors’ usage and overall experience on our platform.  

Our platform reserves the right to use DART cookies under Google’s advertising policies based on user preferences. Although this data collection method maintains visitor anonymity, users can still block our cookies and data collecting technologies from their browser settings. However, this may impact your experience on our website.  

Privacy Policy Updates 

Info Digital Space retains the right to disclose personal information when it comes to complying with legal obligations, ensuring public and private safety, protecting the rights of third parties, and preventing illegal activities.  

By accessing and using Info Digital Space, you agree to our data collection policy as stated above. Any changes to this website’s privacy policies will be reported on this page. Thus, users are advised to review the contents of this website accordingly.  

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This privacy statement was last updated on 3rd January 2022.