Floppy Summer Hat

Tips to Rock a Floppy Summer Hat Like You Were Born for It!

Floppy hats are climbing the charts in the fashion world for good reasons. Not only are they super chic, but they are also super practical. They keep your skin protected from harsh sun rays, they offer a solution for bad hair days, and lastly, they can totally take your basic outfit to the next level!

That said, your floppy hats had also made their way into every occasion or outing. If you plan a beach outing, don’t worry, Eric Javits Floppy Beach Hats are made for the sand. Also, you can pair it with a simple sun dress for a casual day.  However, if you are still unsure whether you can really pull off that hat look, keep reading to find out some amazing tips that will help. 

A Secret Weapon to Wear Floppy Sun Hats: Proportion 

Trying on a floppy sun hat for the first time can be confusing and intimidating. You might feel like it’s not meant for you, especially if you have been a subtle dresser. Moreover, it could be because you are not wearing the correct size. For instance, wearing a big hat would not make you look your best if you have a petite figure. 

In the end, it all boils down to proportion. The right hat will match your body size, hair length, and outfit style. 

That said, how do you find the right hat? Well… 

Buckle up your seatbelts, you are about to learn how? It is pretty simple – look for a brim size that is proportionate to your body. If you have a tall figure, Eric Javits Floppy Beach hats with larger brim sizes would fit the bill. At the same time, if you are shorter, it is best to go for a smaller brim size. 

Remember, though, you must buy a hat that ultimately clicks with you!

5 Amazing Ways to Style Floppy Hats 

Here are five fantastic styling ideas to rock that floppy summer hat look!

Denim Apron Dress

Floppy hats have become a staple for summer since they are light shading that protects you against the sun while letting you make a style statement. That said, pairing it with a denim apron dress will surely help you create the perfect statement that is sure to turn some heads around. 

A Short Floral Romper 

This look will be perfect for brunch with friends! You can find a variety of rompers with different prints and designs available in the stores. However, floral rompers would be the right pick with floppy hats. Not only will you look elegant but also incredibly tropical and playful. 

Jeans & Blouse 

You might think caps are better suited with jeans – well, here is where you are wrong. A floppy hat can level up a casual outfit like the classic white jeans paired with a simple blouse or shirt. 


When it comes to summer, let’s not forget about caftans. They, too, have taken the fashion world by storm, especially when the weather is too hot to handle.  That said, you can’t go wrong pairing Eric Javits Floppy Beach Hats with caftans for a relaxed and beachy look. 


Of course, you will wear shorts in summer, as it is a great way to handle the sunny weather. What’s more great is pairing your shorts with a strapless top, and adding a floppy hat would be the cherry on top. 

The Bottom Line 

If you love the way hats look on people, it is time you try one on yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? It won’t look good!

Mind you, if you buy the right size that is not bound to happen. What more you can do is play with different styles and see how each looks to find the one that makes you look the best! 

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