Chicago Car Accidents

Chicago is among the busiest cities of Illinois, packed with traffic. Thats the reason why car accidents take place every day in Chicago.

Now imagine driving your car on the streets of Chicago and suddenly hit by another driver? 

What would you do in such a situation? Call the police, report the accident or contact the Chicago Personal Injury lawyer

The mistake of some negligent drivers would not just cause injuries and car damage but thousands of dollars in medical bills as well. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the people don’t know what to do after an auto wreck. Do you want to know? Keep reading this article.

What To Do After Car Accident?

What To Do After Car Accident

Here are a few things you should do right after you are in an unfortunate situation. 

  • Seek Medical Attention:

Get medical treatment right away because the untreated injury can lead to further complications. Also, a doctor is looked upon as an expert witness.

A reputable doctor’s prescription can make or break your case. The doctor should be credible to prove your liability in court.

  • Call the police:

In many countries, there is a law that the police should be called when the damage is above $500, or the injuries are severe.

But police can be called for other cases as well. The presence of police can help in the documentation of accidents. Documents made by police officers are valid proof that the other driver was doing a traffic violation.

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  • Take photos:

Capturing photographs is essential as proof. You can use your cellphone or car’s camera. Take photos of the whole scene.

Including positions of the car, license plate, and the road. Take photographs in actual condition because some evidence may be lost immediately.

But please don’t move the vehicle until the authorities arrive and examine the situation.

  • Collect Details:

If the victim is in the condition of gathering details, he should do it. The points can be in the form of the witnesses present at the accident scene.

Ask them how it happened, and write it down. Ask them if they would come again if you needed. Try to ask them if they could give testimony to the police.

  • Contact the Personal Injury Attorney:

After a car accident, you should not involve yourself directly in the case. Instead, take a rest and focus on your recovery and contact the personal injury attorney to handle your case. 

In Chicago, you can contact the best Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your case. They can take it over from there and will do everything to get you the compensation for your damages. 

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What Not to Do After a Car Accident?

Chicago Car Accidents

In order to act rightly after that car accident, the driver should not just know what to do after a car accident but knowing what not to do is equally important. Here are some important considerations regarding what you shouldn’t do after a car accident. 

  • Don’t Leave:

It is essential not to leave the scene until the law requires, don’t move vehicles from the location.

The police have to analyze the scene thoroughly to document the information. If you move from the location without the permission of law enforcement, it makes things worse.

You might be charged for leaving the accident scene.

  • Don’t Take the blame:

Even if you feel that the accident caused your mistake, you must face the consequences of your statement going on the record.

Also, avoid telling anyone that an accident happened due to your fault. All these types of information can be used against you.

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  • Don’t Agree to Settlement:

Sometimes insurance companies ask you for monetary settlement. They will offer you a minimal amount to avoid your claims quickly and save themselves from injury lawsuits.

Once you give a statement, you have to stick with it. An auto wreck adviser can help you protect your legal rights by reviewing your insurance policy.

  • Don’t Wait:

Sometimes people wait to contact a car accident attorney unless they face difficulties getting compensation from their insurance company. You shouldn’t delay hiring a personal injury case attorney.

You don’t know the implacable laws. An experienced auto wreck lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies, negotiate settlements, and increase the chances of winning.

  • Don’t Talk to others Driver company’s insurance:

Insurance companies try their best to trick innocent people. They will do so that they don’t have to reduce the payment.

It is better to avoid talking about anything, either your insurance company or the other driver, without consulting a lawyer.


Chicago Car Accidents

Hiring a Chicago Personal Injury lawyer would be better after facing any car accident in Chicago. But you should still be aware of what to do or not after a car accident. We hope this article has helped you to understand that. 

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