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Do you like to play games on your android device? Want to have unlimited coins and live in your favourite game? Then Modapps .co is the answer you have been looking for. Read some useful information about this website in this article and know if the website is safe or not. 

What is Modapps .co? 

What is Modapps .co? 


Modapps .co is a website that works like Google Play Store. Similarly, as you can download and install any app from the Google Play Store to your android device or computer, Modapps .co also offers its users to download and install any app on their android devices and computer. 

The difference between Modapps .co and Google Play Store is that all the genres of apps are available for download on Google Play Store, while only gaming apps are available on Modapps .co.  

Modapps .co mostly contains game apps on their website and you can find the hacked version of most games on Modapps .co. Hacked versions of the games are mostly used by avid gamers to acquire unlimited coins, lives and gadgets in the games. 

Some of the popular games on the website are: 

  • Eight Balls Team 
  • Mobile AdBlock 
  • Archero hack 
  • Balloons Adventure hack TD time 
  • Cash app 
  • Cloud bypass 
  • Legends Dragon ball 

The website Modapps .co was launched and registered on 23rd August 2019, and has been around for quite some time now. 

Pros and Cons of Modapps .co 

All the websites on the internet have some pros and cons about them. Let’s read here some pros and cons of Modapps .co: 


  • The website is free to use 
  • You can download any game app from this website for free 
  • The website also offers hacked versions of games 
  • The website is fairly old 
  • The apps are easily downloadable from this website with minimal hassle 
  • You can download and install apps on android devices as well as computers from this website 
  • The website has mixed reviews on the internet 
  • The website is trusted by Trend Micro 
  • The website has a score of 60 out of 100 in Scam Adviser 
  • The SSL certificate is valid 


  • Most of the links to download apps are redirected to other malicious websites 
  • The website is heavily linked with third-party websites 
  • The website has mixed reviews on the internet 
  • The website is not optimized with search engines 
  • To download and install the apps from this website, your device needs a lot of permissions 
  • Most games are downloaded from third-party websites 
  • There is a possible threat to your device and privacy when using this website 

How does Modapps .co Work? 

Modapps .co allows users to download and install the APK file on their devices. But most of the download links of the games on this website redirects you to another malicious website that can cause harm to your device. 

Most of the links on Modapps .co are redirected to another not so safe websites which can pose a potential threat to your device and your data. 

If you are still willing to use Modapps .co to download and install game apps then it is a fairly easy and quick process. Simply click on the download button, you will be redirected to another website.

Then download the game from that website and enjoy playing. You can also download hacked versions of most games from this website. 

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Modapps .co Is It Safe?

Modapps .co Is It Safe?


The main question that arises when we talk about such websites is Modapps .co is it safe? Although the website has been around for quite some time but the Modapps .co reviews on the internet does not say much positive about this website.  

The website is accused of being filled with hacked apps and third-party advertisers which can be a potential threat to your device and your data.

Mostly these third-party websites and advertisers are involved in data mishandling and often steals your personal data making your privacy vulnerable on the internet. 

Modapps .co reviews on the internet have mixed reviews which include good as well as very poor. The score of this website on Scam Adviser is 60 out of 100 which is an average score.  

It is advised to stay away from such websites which can cause harm to our devices and threaten our privacy. But if you still want to try using this website, then the decision is completely yours to make. We have tried to warn you against the potential threat of this website. 

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