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What Is Esn Sonar? Explore More Info!!

ESN Sonar is a cloud-hosted service that integrates voice communication on websites. This enables users to stay connected while browsing web pages or even when closing their browsers.

Its technology is famous for its small system footprint, low latency, and high voice quality. It is used in a wide range of applications.


ESN Sonar is a cloud-hosted technology that helps you integrate voice communication on any website. Its bridging technology allows users to stay connected while browsing web pages or even when the browser is closed.

It offers a minimal system footprint, low latency, and good voice quality. It also comes with a C/C SDK which enables you to fully customize your Sonar integration.

In this paragraph,we discuss esn sonar program, esn sonar what is it.The Sonar instance data is secured by Microsoft Azure and the robust protections in place for their data centers. In addition, you are the sole controller of access – determining who has access to your instance and what they can see or do.

Your instance is also protected from malware and hackers. All communication between your instance and the internet is encrypted. Password complexity restrictions are implemented to prevent reused passwords from bad actors, and passwords are compared against previous breaches.


ESN Sonar is an add-on software for the Battlelog game that enables voice chat. It works as a cloud-hosted service that integrates with other web applications.

It is a VOIP service that provides a smooth, low-latency audio transfer to Battlelog and other games. It also supports a large variety of languages and platforms.

If you are looking to uninstall ESN Sonar, there are a few different ways to do so. The first way is to use the Windows Add/ Remove Programs feature.

The second option is to use the built-in uninstaller within the program. However, the built-in uninstaller may not completely uninstall all files and components of ESN Sonar.

To completely uninstall ESN Sonar, you must get rid of all of its leftovers in the system registry and folders. This will help you free up your hard disk space and improve your PC’s performance. Using a reliable third-party uninstaller is the best way to go because it can scan your computer, identify all files and components belonging to ESN Sonar and then completely remove them.

Malware detection

Malware is software that can interfere with the computer’s performance. Many types of malware can be installed on your PC, including Trojans and spyware.

This software is one of the most common forms of malware. It gets into the computer through a variety of methods, but it is often difficult to remove.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and delete malware like esn sonar. These include ensuring that your antivirus is up to date and running on your computer, deleting programs that you no longer use, and using a system restore point before installing any new software.

Moreover, if you are unable to uninstall esn sonar manually, there are third-party uninstallers that can scan and identify the files on your PC and then completely remove them from your system. These uninstallers can also clean up any leftover data from your computer, so there is no chance of unwanted files causing problems in the future.


In this paragraph,we discuss esn sonar program, esn sonar what is it.ESN Sonar is a program that helps gamers keep connected with other players when they surf the internet or shut down their browsers. It is a cloud-hosted service that is designed to bridge the gap between desktop and the web.

It is an important part of Battlefield if you use voice chat, as it uses VoIP technology to transmit voice information between players. However, if you are not a gamer or don’t heavily rely on the program, it is a good idea to disable and remove it safely.

Uninstalling it is fairly easy, although errors can occur. Malware, missing or incomplete files, or improper installation can cause these error messages.

The most common reason why these error messages appear is because of a corrupted or missing file that ESN Sonar needs to remove. These files are often found in the system registry and folders.

ESN Sonar is a cloud-hosted service for integrating voice communications on web pages. It bridges the gap between the desktop and the internet, allowing you to stay connected even while browsing or closing your browser.

Its Amazon EC2 cloud servers ensure dependable, rapid scaling, and low latency. It’s a great tool for web-centric gaming, social platforms, ad-hoc networks, and many more applications.

The company behind this software is ESN Social Software AB, which develops various web & web-centric games and services. Its products include Planet, a web-centric development platform; Beaconpush, a push server service that provides a web-based interface for WebSockets, Comets, and HTML5; and Sonar, a cloud-hosted service for embedding voice communication on websites.

Currently, it is used as a voice chat plugin in the Battlelog game by Electronic Arts Inc. Designed as an exception to Windows Firewall, this program ensures that you can talk with other players in Battlelog without interference from other programs.

As a Shareware software, this tool was developed by ESN AB, it’s majorly used for BF3 & BF4. It is on par with party VOIP on XboxLive, and very resourceful in Commander mode.

There are many methods for uninstalling ESN Sonar, and one of the best ones is by using third-party software called Advanced Uninstaller PRO. It’s a powerful and all-around uninstaller that has an excellent safety rating, as well as a lot of other useful tools. It can remove many different types of unwanted software and can also clean your PC.

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