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4 Dog Products to Try Instead of a Protective Cone

A cone is used to help avoid your pet from scratching, biting, or chewing at the site of injury or wound and pawing at its head or face. It is also known as an Elizabethan collar or E-collar and typically made of plastic/fabric and worn around the neck.

Vets recommend the usage of the cone for five to seven days after a dog is neutered to prevent licking the incision and prescribe it after a furry baby undergoes a surgical procedure. Be prepared to care for your little pupper in times like this, and if you have pet insurance for dogs, the cost of specific treatments can be reimbursed depending on the level of cover chosen and the benefit limit.

Pet health insurance allows you to support your furry little one with medical treatments and medications during non-routine vet visits and health emergencies, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy if you haven’t bought one already. In the meantime, read this article to learn some products your pet can try instead of the cone post-surgery.

#1 Neck pillow

You can buy puppy-safe inflatable neck pillows for your pup recovering from a wound or injury. These pillows are available in various sizes, can be more comfortable, and can take the stress off a furry baby’s mind. All you may need to do is inflate the pillow, put it around your pupper’s neck, and secure it in the back with a Velcro strip. Concerned about your canine companion’s diet? Learn, ‘Is Xanthan Gum Safe for Dogs.’

#2 Fabric collar

This is similar to an e-collar in shape and size but is made of fabric with plastic support. This collar type assures more comfort than the popular plastic versions; however, some of them can be heavy and drag down the puppies, making them poor choices for smaller dog breeds. The advantage of these collars is they are adjustable, washable, and soft on the necks.

#3 Neck brace

This type of collar is made to keep your four paws from bending its neck to lick, bite, and chew at the site of injury or incision. A neck brace is typically made of foam and plastic, doesn’t restrict motion as much, but still causes some amount of discomfort to your pet. There are simple and efficient neckpieces you can consider trying on your dog on the path to healing.

#4 Neck balloon

This product is much similar to a neck pillow in function. It looks more like a plastic tube that can safely fit over your four-legged friend’s head and eventually sits around its neck. The benefits of a neck balloon are it is lightweight and doesn’t hamper your furry pet’s peripheral vision. However, it has a major drawback too. A bite is just enough to puncture the inflatable balloon.

Try these products on your pet after surgery to help prevent harming itself. Also, pay extra attention to its diet, provide it with vet-recommended nutritional supplements to promote healing, and do all it takes to ensure it has a happy recovery phase.

Wearing the cone of shame can overwhelm your pet, and unexpected vet bills may put you through similar stress. Consider being prepared with pet health insurance in advance so that dealing with potentially expensive medical treatments during unforeseen health circumstances is much easier. Pet insurance for dogs makes providing quality health care less financially cumbersome during challenging times of health, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.

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