Amazing Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

10 Amazing Ideas for Bathroom Renovation to Consider at Low-Cost

A luxurious and attractive bathroom design often makes your mornings immeasurably better. But bathroom renovation takes a toll on the homeowner regarding frustration, inability to meet deadlines, and high costs. While these prevailing challenges, having an attractive bathroom at an affordable price is still possible. Learn More.

Given the overwhelmingly high bathroom renovation cost, it’s best to think outside the box and find a smarter and less economical way to achieve your aim still. For instance, you can purchase materials from well-trusted manufacturers with excellent communication networks with a freight forwarder to minimize the cost of transportation. Most China freight forwarding companies offer exceptional services.

 #1 Use Low-Cost Materials

Retaining and rebuilding exciting materials is sometimes the best option for saving costs. But if you must use new materials, ensure you opt for the less expensive ones. Using inexpensive materials doesn’t equate to a low value. The materials can still be upgraded to add a fantastic look to your bathroom.    

For instance, you can try luxury vinyl flooring instead of natural wood plank flooring. The former looks relatively better and less expensive. A vinyl flooring even looks ‘deceptive’ to the eyes from a distance.   

#2 Refinish Your Bathroom Tub than Replace 

You don’t always have to replace your bathroom tub. Refinishing and retaining your tub and shower liners is cost-effective because these materials are not all that affordable. In addition, before constructing your bathroom tub, you can request the service of tap manufacturers who sell taps and other materials for the tub and know how best to fix these things to last longer.   

#3 Ensure Your Bathroom is Well Lighted

One of the cheapest bathroom ideas is to ensure that your bathroom is well lighted. Even if your bathroom is small, the brighter it is, the bigger it will appear. There’re a lot of ways to achieve this without having to spend so much. Many modern pergola lighting is affordable and budget-friendly.

In addition, simple lighting with a chrome finish will have a fantastic impact on your small bathroom. When purchasing, buy LED lighting that conserves energy and helps save money on electricity bills!  

#4 Replace Cabinets with New Hardware

Buying and replacing a new bathroom cabinet can be expensive. A more affordable and accessible way to bring back life to your cabinet is to strip off the old hardware and replace them with new ones. To make this process less daunting, ensure its screw alignments fit perfectly with the holes in your cabinets. This saves you the stress and cost of drilling new holes.  

#5 Fix Your Toilet

It’s okay to call a plumber to do this for you, but it could cost you a fortune. Plumbers themselves are pretty expensive. So, fixing your toilet yourself is advisable if you get the strength. Installing a toilet requires little water line hookups. The difficult part is moving the toilet in place. For that, you can request the services of a friend and hire a local plumber for fixing your issues.

#6 Do the Interior Paintings by Yourself

Painting the interiors of your bathroom can be achieved by you. Although you might want to involve a professional, this might require much more than you can afford. Interestingly, it’s just a portion of your bathroom that needs painting. Most of the space is already covered with mirrors, tiles, showers, cabinets, and tubs. In the end, only a few areas remain, which you can do yourself.

#7 Add Splendor to the Existing Tiles

Even if your bathroom tiles look old, you can still give them a splendid look using an eco- and home-friendly acid etcher that removes stains from surfaces and grout lines. This is a cost-effective way to enhance the tiles in your bathroom while maintaining their original designs.

#8 Decorate Bathroom Using Wallpapers

Not everyone can afford tiles wall in their bathrooms. But never mind, you need not feel bad. A wallpaper design will still make a bathroom look amazingly beautiful. A colorful and well-patterned wallpaper in the bathroom is easy to clean and resistant to high humidity. You can make your graphic design cover an affordable peel-and-stick design. 

#9 Transfer Bathroom Materials

If you have two or more bathrooms and you’re renovating one, it’s better to keep and transfer the materials used in the other bathroom. Materials like shower curtains, pipes, picture frames, etc., as trivial as they are, can be expensive. So, it’s to migrate them to the other bathroom. Also, not disposing of them saves the environment from non-biodegradable materials.

#10 Fix a Pre-Fabricated Shower

If you want a tiled shower, you must fuse a poly shower pan with the tiles. This process saves you the stress and cost of building a tiled shower pan.


Given the amazing ideas, now you know that you can renovate your bathroom at a considerably low cost and still enjoy its splendor.

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